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Commercial Litigation

Representation in Civil Law Suits nationwide

Out-of-court settlements are not always the best outcome and sometimes the opposing party refuses to accept a reasonable out-of-court solution.

In such cases, I represent you before all German civil courts to enforce your rights or to defend you effectively against lawsuits initiated by the opposing party.

This requires direct, trusting communication.

For this purpose, I regularly set up a joint, confidential chat with my clients via Signal Messenger. This way, you can find out about the status of the proceedings and coordinate directly with me at any time.  


Labour Disputes

Help against Wrongful Termination

If you have received a notice of termination or a termination agreement, I will inform you quickly and straightforwardly about your rights and work out a suitable negotiation strategy with you to enforce an adequate severance payment, to get a excellent reference letter, to enforce an adequate irrevocable paid leave, and in particular to save your job in your company.

I can negotiate directly with your employer on your behalf and represent you in proceedings for protection against dismissal before the labour court and also -wherever suitable- accompany you as a consultant in the background during your negotiations to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Legal Advice

Conflict Consulting

Conflict Resolution / Litigation

Disputes with MD

Advise regarding MD’s Liability and Dismissal

If you as the managing director of a GmbH, a UG, a KG or a partnership company are in dispute with the shareholders' meeting, you have been dismissed and/or your employment contract has been terminated, I will examine with you the validity of the resolutions of the shareholders' meeting and the termination.

I will protect your rights towards the company and negotiate appropriate termination conditions for you and together with you.

Legal Advice

Conflict Consulting

Conflict Resolution / Litigation


Mediation in Commercial Disputes

In disputes between shareholders and conflicts between companies I am at your disposal as a certified mediator.

I will support you to find sustainable conflict solutions in a confidential procedure in accordance with the German Mediation Act and the Hamburg Mediation Rules.

If you would like to hire me as a mediator, please let me know at the very beginning when you contact me.



Legal Advice for Entrepreneurs

If you would like to realise a business idea, I will be happy to accompany you as a central contact person in all legal questions related to the foundation and implementation.  
In particular, I can support you in choosing the legal form of the company, draft the articles of association with you in such a way that they best suit your project and avoid future conflicts.

I am also happy to support you in the drafting of general terms and conditions and the legally compliant implementation of websites and apps and in the protection of your brand.

I am happy to support already established companies with legal challenges as the first central point of contact for legal questions that arise.

Legal Advice

Conflict Resolution / Litigation

Strategic Advise

Negotiation and Conflict Consulting

In complex conflict and negotiation situations with business partners, shareholders, employees or employers, I can accompany you as a conflict advisor and coordinate strategies with you to achieve your best results.

In doing so, I not only consider the legal situation, but also current findings in communication psychology and negotiation tactics gained from my trainings and further qualifications as a business mediator.

Conflict Consulting

Criminal Defense

Representation against Criminal Charges

If you are finding yourself accused of a criminal offence, I can and will effectively defend you in every stadium of the proceedings.

Before the public accusation I will strive for a suspension of the case before and public indictment. I will of course also defend you in court proceedings.

If suitable we can build a team with highly specialised befriended criminal defence lawyers.

Conflict Consulting

Conflict Resolution / Litigation

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